Wooden box compost toilet
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Wooden box composting toilet

Composting toilets

Composting toilets are a simple solution to dealing with human excrement in areas which require special septic processing provision such as sewage works. 

Sewage works use huge amounts of energy and water. They also produce gas which is wasted. The loss of good energy is madness and is a greenhouse pollutant.

Simple Compost Toilets

I admit that composting toilets are not going to save the planet but we cannot deny that they do reduce drinking water for the flushing of waste.

What is a wooden box composting toilet?

As the name suggests it is a wooden box that has a toilet seat and a container inside. The container is used to transport the waste to its final place for further composting.

A composting toilet is a simple way to deal with human waste.

How do I feel about composting toilets?

We have been using composting toilets for the past 10 years here in France. The reason we chose a composting toilet was that our French farmhouse was our priority. The cost of installing a fosse septic drainage system was just too expensive. So we decided to install a composting toilet.

My wife and I are now used to the composting toilets. It has been a while so any inhibitions are long past. You too will soften to the concept of a compost toilet after living with it for a while. The compost toilet is not the perfect answer but it is a good solution to a not so perfect situation. 

Compost toilet maintenance

Composting toilets require only basic maintenance. They are very simple things. Basically a wooden box with a seat and a bucket to capture the human waste. You only need to empty and clean the toilet.

How do we empty the compost toilets?

To empty a composting toilet you open the door which the container resides behind. Remove the container and empty the contents into your composter. 

How often does a compost toilet need emptying?

How often you need to empty your composting toilets depends on how many people use it. 

For example:

I and my wife empty our toilet on a weekly basis. This equates to 14 days per person when a 20lt bucket is used.

Urine Separation?

Would I choose a compost toilet over a flush toilet

I have to be honest here and say that I would choose a flush toilet over the compost toilet.

So why have I got composting toilets?

We chose composting toilets because of cost and the lack of available mains drainage. 

If I wanted to reduce the processed water needed to flush the toilet we would capture and store rainwater for the flushing of traditional toilets.

My conclusion of living with the composting toilet.

I admit that alternative toilet solutions are a learning curve because we have been programmed what is right and what is wrong.  

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