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Raised Vegetable Planter

There is no denying that raised gardens have a multitude of benefits. The problem can be the cost of materials needed to make a cubic meter raised Vegetable Planter. But don’t fret as there is a ridiculously cheap way to build a large raised planter.

I will show you how to build this large planter. You might already have what you need!

How to build a cubic meter raised vegetable garden


  • Used or new builders sandbag
  • Four chestnut or similar stakes
  • Compost
  • Topsoil


First, prepare the spot where you want the raised planter to be situated. I like to dig away the topsoil so I can use it to fill the planter. Open up the planter and position making sure the bottom corners are where you want the final planter to be.

Support those sacks

Now you have the sack where you need it you need to provide extra sport. I have tried not to stake the sacks but I found that they sag. The sagging happens because the compost reduces in volume within the bag thus no longer providing support. You don’t want your new planter looking like ‘Jabba the Hutt’(Starwars fans will know what I mean)

Grab those stakes

Because of this I now use split chestnut which was sourced from our firewood stack but you could source your own Chestnut from a forest. First I cut a point onto the 1-meter long stake. The point can easily penetrate the bottom of the builder’s sack so no need to cut a hole. Drive the stake into the ground and repeat with the three remaining stakes.

  • keep the stakes vertical so to keep the pressure on the corners of the bag
  • make sure the stakes are driven to the same height

Depending on how high you want those planters to be will dictate how deep you will need to drive those stakes. If you have excess sack material flapping around just fold it back. Builders sacks are generally 1m3 but that doesn’t mean they have to be full to the brim.

How well do veg grow in a builders sack

I suppose you would like to know this and I’ll try to enlighten you on my findings. I feel the sheer volume of the builders sack is a huge bonus compared with other planters. If I had a grumble it would be the fact that builders sacks are not pretty. Also if you fold over the excess you need to be conscious that snails will like the habitat. No fret though as these small problems are easy to address.

I hope you like my little alternative raised vegetable garden planter tutorial. If you did please comment and share with your friends.

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