Earth Trifle

Welcome to our sustainable living blog ‘Earth Trifle’. Where we trifle with all kinds of stuff that we do to help us on our journey of self-sufficiency. 

ECO is an education

This journey has been long and not without mistakes, you could call it ‘trials and tribulations’. You never stop learning and that learning experience can be fun or frustration. I have tried all sorts of stuff from reusing to planting in unconventional ways. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is ridiculous. Often we say we’ll do that differently next time! 

Why do we want to be self-sufficient?

The idea that we could be a part of the cure not the cause of global warming leaves a warm fuzzy feeling inside. But the idea of doing the right thing is not the only reason, we also like the idea of not spending money when we do not need to. 

So our promise to our beautiful planet

On this journey, we promise to use materials that we already have recycling and reusing wherever possible. But on the rare occasion, we are uncomfortable with our discission we will offset that by doing something that negates any bad choices.

We hope you enjoy our blogs and return to read more blogs on topics related to the Good Life.

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