Air purifier for wildfire smoke
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Air purifier for wildfire smoke

Optimal health and wellness involve aligning all areas of your life in a single cohesive direction. Air quality is one of the commonly neglected areas of wellness people forget to pay attention to when organizing their home. We need oxygen to sustain life and live healthily. So, when the air quality in your home is subpar, it can drastically impact your overall health.

Clean Air and Healthy Lungs

In times like we’re living in now, it’s more important than ever to take the air quality in your home seriously. Recently, the airborne virus COVID-19 has stricken the entire world into a state of shock. Since the virus is contractable through the air, you should focus on purifying your home’s ventilation system to reduce the spread indoors thus reducing the viral load.

wildfire smoke and air purifiers
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Wildfire Smoke

On top of the COVID-19 virus, there has been a recent outbreak of wildfires in California but have now taken over the U.S., resulting in low air quality becoming standard across many cities. As you can see, indoor air quality is under attack from multiple angles each day.

As someone who wants to live a rich life full of wealth and abundant health, I already use an air filter to maintain clean air in my home. If having to monitor your indoor air quality sounds like a complicated or intimidating thing, don’t worry because it’s not.

Why is smoke Dangerous to Health?

Smoke didn’t just block out the Sun and cause the dinosaur extinction but has killed millions of people directly and indirectly.

Smoke is not just blackness but a selection of:

  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • water vapour
  • Formaldehyde
  • traces of minerals
  • carbon dioxide
  • Benzene
  • carbon monoxide
  • Acrolein

Thanks to technology and innovation, it’s now easier than ever to monitor your home’s air quality yourself. One great way to monitor the quality of your indoor air is by using an Air Quality Meter. Air quality meters are small devices you can set-up in various areas of your home to provide 24/7 protection against poor air conditions in your home.

Many air quality meters come with smartphone connectivity, so you can monitor your air quality remotely. Air quality meters only solve half of the problem, assessing the quality of your indoor air. Once you recognize that your air quality is poor, you need to fix it.

Correcting Issues With Air Quality in Your Home

Air quality is affected by several factors, including pollutants, debris, and dust. When these variables collect in your air, they significantly reduce its life-sustaining properties. The easiest way to remove these harmful substances from your air is by using a portable HEPA air filter.

The Levoit LV-H133 Tower HEPA Air Purifier is one of the best indoor air purifiers on the market. The reason for this is it’s 3-stage filtration system, which uses a fine preliminary filter, activated carbon, and a HEPA filter to remove airborne bacteria 0.3 microns or bigger.

The LV-H133 also comes with variable fan speeds so that you can achieve optimal air circulation in any room. It also has an auto mode feature that enables you to put your air filtration on autopilot. In auto mode, the LV-H133 automatically senses your indoor air quality and adjusts it’s filtration settings to clean your air.

Activated carbon possesses special properties that remove volatile organic compounds from the air. Combined with HEPA technology that uses fine mesh to purify your air, the LV-H133 is an effective air purifier that protects you from bad air quality. It’s the air filter of my choice also.

What is a HEPA filter? HEPA is an acronym for ‘High Efficiency Particulate Air’

Keeping Your Indoor Air Clean

Clean indoor air results in an improved quality of life all around. Which is why it’s so important to stay on top of the quality of yours. If you’ve been trying to find ways to keep the air in your home as clean as possible, hopefully, this article has provided you with valuable information.

A portable HEPA filter is a great and simple way to protect your family from harmful airborne pollutants hassle-free. Start breathing easier and living a healthier life today!

NASA Report on HEPA

Astronauts need to be protected from themselves and NASA has examined HEPA filter mediums for the filtration of recycled air. NASA has concluded that HEPA has efficacy for removing fine (<2.5 μm) and ultrafine (<0.01 μm) sized particulate matter.

Most HEPA filter manufacturers state that their filters can only filter particulates down to 3 microns but NASA’s reports state HEPA filters are efficient at trapping nanoparticles

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