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We need to understand the required symbiotic relationship with this planet if we are to survive. Extinction Rebellions methods may be deemed controversial but we must not ignore the cause if we are to correct our habits. Habits are just a repetition of what we do that is considered normal to us. But normal is not what we should embrace but change is the answer to making a real difference.

In this blog, we explain how those changes are possible and what we can do to. Some blogs are light-hearted fun but others are technically informative, please read on and enjoy. 

how to find water

How to find a water source

Water is life but you already know this as you are here. Let me tell you a little about our ...
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solar array in the garden

What is solar power?

Solar Electricity is by far the most practical setup for electricity production. You do have other options such as HYDRO ...
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eco shack view

Shelter – finding the perfect ECO Build plot in 2020

We all in good graces living in our shelters, whether a ‘resource sucking mansion’ or a modest place to live ...
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giant garlic

How to Live well off-grid in 2020

Living without influence or distraction is something many of us would find romantic. But it is not that easy to ...
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composting waste

Composting of Waste

Composting of Waste The composting of garden waste is something every committed gardener should consider. The ecological process of rot ...
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separate vs wooden compost toilet

‘Separett’ Versus ‘Wooden Box’ compost toilet

'Separett Villa 9000' Versus 'Wooden Box' compost toiletBy Marcus KettThe eco-movement has gripped huge swathes of the world's population. The ...
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Hi there, Welcome to Earth Trifle.

‘Where we ‘Trifle’ with anything considered Green and Earthy’

earth trifle profile pic MK BW

 My Name is Marcus and apparently it stands for ‘Servant to the Gods’ which is appropriate if God made the Earth which is what we want to save. I have led a life of learning and it all stems back to when I started my traditional woodworking career in 1989 and fed that desire to learn even more. As a poor creative person, I have had to reuse and recycle seeing other peoples rubbish as my treasure. It is surprising how that survival ‘make do and mend’ attitude focuses the mind.

In our blogs, we explore lots of Eco projects and other daily Earthly tasks that can go towards reducing our carbon impact on this beautiful planet. Lets ‘Trifle’!

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